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    Side note- I understand social distancing, I'm sure so do they. I'm a healthcare professional myself, so no I'm not vilifying the need of the hour. I'm just trying to look at the nuances of life. It's okay to look at some butterflies even when the world is burning. Please don't come at me ��

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    There's something absolutely beautiful about lockdown weddings. Keeping aside the fact that they’re saving a ton of money spent on people they barely know, it is also an audacious proclamation of love. It's the middle of a pandemic, there's so much uncertainty about almost everything happening in our lives. Heck, the entire world watches as the year continues to unfold bizarre events month after month. But here we have two people willing to look 2020 in the eye, and say 'I do’. It's almost a testimony of how nothing, not even a worldwide crisis can stop love. You come in the way of love, they'll find a way around it.