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    Pardon my insincerity,
    hope you have insurance!

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    On a foggy day with soggy socks
    holding a lackluster lantern
    looking for peculiar patterns
    of reasons and repercussions;

    The days I couldn't reach the rainbows
    I spill some oil on the floor
    and then look for my sanity
    that I had mortgaged in a drugstore;

    I hold a knife to feel hungry,
    and then cook a meal for the sham,
    I only let my guard down,
    when I feel like tasting some self-harm;

    I pry for survival
    and then preach a purpose
    If you depend upon me for lessons
    order a poison and make it double;

    I try to read you with lacunar eyes
    hoping to humanize myself
    but then end up getting befuddled
    whether to root for the resilience of an insect
    stuck in a contrived cobweb
    or the ingenuity of a spider
    that couldn't outmaneuvre its character!