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    The old moon stood high above,
    Looking down the grey abandoned church.
    The yard was packed with paving of gravel all round
    It lay like a silent city of dead.

    The great owl perched
    On an ancient canopy
    Hanging over the moss-covered cemetery
    Snoozed dreaming of his wedding
    With his beloved,seasons away.

    Doesn't he who died on cross
    In the middle of this hour
    Pronounced the name of the fiery furnace.
    Inside the forbidden church?
    Doesn't the symbol of sacrifice fell upside down?

    The low, creaking noises of the millstones
    Stirred the night owl hissing
    Those who slept in the dusty earth
    Awoke from the gloomy darkness
    Ghostly kings, Queens and Clowns
    Phantom Soldiers,monks and Strange Apparitions
    Roamed the whole premises chanting fearful spells and incantations.

    The bell on the bell tower
    Rang unexpectedly thrice
    Unexplained lights flickered
    Around the lonely cemetery!
    Death was seen sitting on a pale horse
    Pronouncing thrice the names of sons of disobedience, cowardly, faithless, detestables, murderes, sexually immorals and liars.
    Soldiers from the fiery furnace
    Prowled everywhere with bowed head.
    Sorrow,anger and fear accompanied them knocking on the doors of those
    It's their time
    The time of inevitable
    The hour of the lifting of the veil between the human world and spirit world.

    Somewhere here and there
    The chilling howls of the dogs
    Intensified the stillness of the night.