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    You say you love the gush of the wind as you rush
    But does the stillness of the air speak to you too

    You collect moments like gems, as many as you can
    But do you live each one, like infinity too

    Your restlessness keeps you hostage as you fly through places
    Does your imagination have wings too

    You like to go to deep and interweave in complexities
    But do you find the truths any different from those which lay naked upon the surface too

    You quench time to meditate
    Do you feel the awareness as you breathe your every breath too

    You give selflessly
    But do you see the "I" who gives too

    You bow to the elders
    Do you respect the ones below you too

    You shine upon pinnacle
    But do you feel the triumph in the darkness too

    You weep upon the grave
    But do you offer love to the ones alive too.