• sukant_s 30w

    It happened again.
    We all are deeply hurt.
    It's time now to show how human n sensitive we are. Right time to think something out of box n creative for justice. Hey! How about dp change, status update or candle march.

    If required we would sign the petitions as well. But as and when we do all this, let's ensure to click pictures.Whole country should know about our initiatives. Otherwise our emotions, our anger against these injustices would be get buried.

    It's not a joke, very important so that when someone try to do such heinous crime again they must get reminder that how united and brave we are to make such hashtags and they can actually see all our candles in front of their eyes.Anyhow, we don't need to be so united since we have to fight for reservation and religion as well.

    By doing all this i'm sure she'll get justice.