• twistedmind 23w

    three years and a day.
    i am ready to give love and redirect the pain
    three years
    three years and a day.
    the memories fade as my heart becomes uncaged.

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    another star in the web of forever

    Three years of pain, finally the sun broke the rain.
    Alone but not ashamed, three years and a day.
    It's to bad I don't belong like yesterday.
    Dreams of her but who is she?
    Taking up space, assuming my place.
    the sidelines of life, as i watch everyone fall away.

    Three years but feels like yesterday.
    no not the pain or a fuckin deranged memory.
    this is about me recovering my pride and some sanity.
    I lost it all when I laid with the devil.
    I gave up on friends, believing in forever.
    Tried to be me while bending for another.

    See this is the reason I socially retired.
    I took those words and made it a forever.
    Now I get patrolled and stalked but it's like, whatever.
    I shut down harder than ever.
    I left the province and tried to re discover.
    My purpose my soul and even my smile.

    Three years but now I feel like its over.
    I don't know where I fit.
    Love? what is it?? I don't remember.
    I've been friend zoned like it doesn't matter.
    i have endured the extortion and subliminal backstabbing, the rumours.
    Friends were just enemies, lesser humans with jealous agendas.

    I was living in rock bottom for what feels like forever.
    I was waiting for the storm to break, awaiting something better.
    I saw the sun for the first time and it didn't feel much better.
    No longer in pain no, but im still a fucking loner.
    No longer guarded but now no one is even looking.
    Ready to try and continue this puzzle.
    Trapped by my brain and twisted humor.
    Ugly but wise, its a package deal.

    I give my time and watch as you waste it.
    I try really hard to be a social person.
    I speak but no one listens.
    I answer the phone calls, that's actually a big deal.
    The rain lifted i can now bask in surreal.
    The sun broke the storm, now I want more than my shadow.