• thefakesheikh_ 23w

    My friends once gifted me a card. It had a bunch of pictures of us together and six small envelopes. Each, which contained a message from every one of them. To this day, that card has been the reason I feel appreciated and loved. Whenever I feel down and face low self esteem, I take it out and read the messages. I see myself with new eyes and pull myself back on track.
    The effort they put into it, was great but its effect, was greater still.
    I advise you to make your loved ones feel appreciated and loved as much and as many times as you can. You never know how long they would be holding your words and gestures to their hearts. You never how many times you'd be putting a smile on their faces without really trying and pulling them out of an abyss you never really thought existed.

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    I treasure the small things,
    For I know their effect is never small.