• c_s_p_s 30w

    Is it love that you really want?
    Or just respite from the emptiness you feel?
    A feeling that you lack something crucial,
    something that is a must for your survival.
    A feeling that you do not have it in you
    to make it through the life alone,
    and it is making you go crazy.
    Crazy enough to commit to a lifestyle
    of dependence, of submission
    to that one person
    who, you believe, will save you
    in the times of danger,
    pull you out of sadness that is devouring you,
    And lift you from the bottoms of your personal hell.
    But in reality, most of the times,
    the saviour you choose is the one that is dragging you down,
    making you feel empty, incomplete and incompetent.
    And it's your fault.
    You are always attracted to the familiar
    even if they are similar to the ones that condemned you.
    For you do not seek love.
    You seek shelter from the unknown.