• rene_velez 5w


    Let the sirens be heard,
    watch the police cars burn,
    tear gas and rubber bullets,
    police holding the line
    ...protesters showing
    the country
    it's time for real change,

    Racism has to go,
    no more time for hope,
    it's time for action,
    burn the hatred with fire,
    and smoke, young folks
    have the stage, the beds
    in the White House
    have been made,

    people at its gates
    against the disease of hate
    in the wake of murder
    of another brother
    calling for his mother,
    saying "I can't breathe"
    pinned on the ground,

    hear the sound of the
    angry crowds, they've
    had enough, calling the bluff
    of a bad hand, fencing,
    they dodge and parry,
    like Malcolm X said
    ..."by any means necessary"