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    'But....Wait....', he screams feeling very pained by her departure. He does not want the coffee break to end or at least not this way. He seems to have enjoyed the talks and all which he thinks is too good to quit but with everything that has a beginning, there is an end. This seems like the end to this one. Laying his head on the table disappointed at what has just happened, he hopes she does not hate him. Some few seconds later, he feels a touch on his shoulder. Imagining it is the waiter who has come to ask if he would need anything else, he raises his head and behold, it is Helen. She returns feeling bad about leaving him in that manner but she is not staying either.
    'Hey Tunde.', she says
    'Hi again Helen', he replies
    'I understand you may have wanted me to stay but I have to leave. I mean with the traffic situation of Lagos and having my destination as Abuja. I should not be here right now but I realized I may not come this way for a long or even ever again and frankly you seem like a nice fellow....'
    'You seem like a nice lady too. A very good friend...'
    'I know', Helen says with a smile and a pat to Tunde's shoulder. 'But you see that is all I want us to be'
    'Oh....I am cool with that', Tunde says with satisfaction written on his face. 'Let's just be friends'
    'Alright. Here is my card', Helen says handing him her complementary card. 'You can call me when you need to get some coffee.'
    'Oh thanks. Here's mine', Tunde says giving her his as well. 'Call me when you get to Abuja. Maybe I'll come visiting sometime'.
    Helen collects the card, gives Tunde a hug before taking her leave from the restaurant and driving off to Abuja.