• voiceofthepen 9w

    The frail prophet leant beside the masjid wall
    Faced his congregation
    Delivered the farewell sermon to his Ummah
    An indication that it was time to meet his Lord
    With tear filled eyes they listened to him as he delivered the word of his mouth
    A sermon which centralized on five pillars of Islam, warning and remembrance of their Lord (Allah)
    He left behind the sacred book and his sunnah for the Ummah to emulate
    He appointed Abu Bakr as a leader
    Band headed as he was
    Withdrew to Aisha chamber after the sermon
    He felt the painful effect of the poisoned meal served by Zainab Ibn Harith at Khaybar
    With a prior warning to his Ummah never to make his tomb a place of worship
    He was drenched in sweat on sighting the angel of death while reciting the shaadah in low voice
    For death is indeed agonizing, he said in agony
    He died at Aisha's chamber in front of her daughter (Fatimah)
    He died between the chest and neck of Aisha while leaning on her
    One of the bounties of Allah on Aisha
    The dark grief spread over the city of Medinah
    It was such an awful day for the Ummah
    Shrouded in three white Sahuli cotton was his body
    Washed with his cloth on by Fadhl Ibn Abbas, Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Usamah
    Buried at the chamber of Aisha on which he died
    The incomparable Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) died while his legacy reigns.
    Ramadan day 7