• elliri 11w

    Night night dinosaur

    My favourite time of day, is quiet time with my precious boy.
    It brings me so much happiness, it brings me so much joy.
    He has his little drink of milk, then jumps up on the couch.
    He snuggles up so close to me, like a Joey in its pouch.

    We get his favourite book and read it whole way through,
    He loves to look at the pictures of cheeky dinosaurs on the loose!
    Each time you turn the page to another cheeky dinosaur,
    Ollie gets a super cheeky grin and let's out a giant "ROAR!!"

    When all the dinos are tired from bubblegum, pizza, spaghetti and shoes,
    It's time for the dinosaurs to go to bed, they need a very long snooze.
    When the book ends and the dinos are in bed ollie says "night night dinosaur"
    He flips the book back to the front and I can tell that he wants more.

    But my little dinosaur is very tired, so he runs off to his bed.
    I lift him up into his cot, with a pillow to rest his head.
    He snuggles up with his teddy bear, music playing soft night tunes,
    As I quietly leave the room, I say "night night my precious boy, I love you!"