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    I don't quite remember when it was that we decided to walk away. I do not even recollect exactly, whose decision it was.

    I think we looked at each other and we knew. Words didn't need to be said, for our eyes had always been in sync. And so we stepped out into the open road.

    We knew our destination, but nothing had prepared us for the arduous journey that lay ahead of us. Every step we took felt like a small victory, and yet we glanced back frequently, to find eyes upon us. Eyes that struck fear into our hearts. Eyes that radiated hostility by a mere look.

    We walked faster, and yet we found our path barred at every turn. We ignored the whispers as long as we could, but the cold tone of their voices and the sneer on their faces told us everything we needed to know.

    We were dressed that day, yet with the passing of every hour it felt like our garb was being peeled open, and we had never felt more naked and more alone, even though we had each other.

    I think we both cried that day, hot tears that fell involuntarily and yet, all we had was each other. There was a flame​ that followed us, and we knew that it could explode at any moment and scatter us to ashes.

    But we kept walking. Cause I was a girl, who was in love. And so was she.

    - Avitaj

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    I lit my universe on fire, and watched it burn.
    - Kristen Stewart