• yosemite 6w

    Ain't no life never meant nothing...

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    Ephemeral life

    For we are believers not creators,
    For we hope for something that can't be ours,
    For we have eyes that cannot see,
    For we cry until all our tears run dry,
    For testing times never break us,
    For we still believe in the power of virtue,
    For we go against the cosmos only to achieve the impossible,
    For we believe in the beauty of life and alchemy,
    For we ask God's mercy a thousand times over,
    For we were built to scale these mountains,
    For we live and dream till our very last breath,
    For we follow stars that guide our hearts,
    For madness and creativity belong only to God,
    For learning the meaning the life we keep on treading,
    For with time we all shall heal,
    For with time we all shall heal.