• vatsa_23 6w

    To The Friends Who Distanced Me,

    We have arrived at that point in our friendship where there is no return to how we were back then. It isn't how I thought we would end up but I hope that you feel much better after dropping me from your lives.

    I don't know why all of sudden, I was the bad guy for you! At one point, every one of you started ignoring me, changed the discussions when I joined in, stopped interacting with me. What did I do to deserve all that?

    I know now I'm not invited for gaming sessions, sneak-outs, parties, movies, trips, night-outs. I notice how you all do eye-to-eye conversations when I'm around. You all try to pull off those interesting gossip stories just because you don't want me to find out. You try to carry out fake conversations and I know it's all because of me. I tried to blend in but you didn't need me!

    It's not your fault entirely. I'm at fault too! When I was sad and depressed, I should have spoken to you. But weren't you guys supposed to reassure when I was down? But as I told, we have crossed the point of no return. I hope you guys never get someone who distances you because I don't want you to feel the same way I did.

    But hey someday in future, I hope that you see me somewhere on TV or on the front cover of the magazine, or on some social media website as a successful person. And you would try to speak to your son/daughter with pride, "Hey, that's my friend!" but unfortunately, you would realise that aren't in touch. I hope that day you all realise that I could have been a better friend if you had just given me the chance!

    The Friend Who Was Always Left Out.