• sarahbiketi 10w

    Love is,
    I don't know,
    I truly do not know what love is.
    I will tell you this,
    Love is embracing the face value,
    "He is ugly,"the chitchat began,
    Well he is mine.
    I used to be young with an idea in my head,
    Of this guy i saw beautifully made up and oh he better be handsome.
    So when i met my Mr.Frog,i didn't think i would wanna stay,
    I kept making excuses to walk away,
    He was an angel.
    But he wasn't what i painted in my mind he was just not man enough for me.(As if man enough had something to do with the face)
    Haha,i know,i could get a little stupid,we could get a little stupid.
    But,he didn't need to be anything else than himself,mind you the guy literally staggers like last night was a blast,the only problem is,that's just how he walks day and night.
    I used to want to fix him,i just didn't tell him what i wanted to fix.
    Everytime locking my arm with his to give his every step balance,a certain rhythm,just so he would finally walk straight and with a certain posture.I used to reprimand him in my head every single day but all he did was look at me with admiration noone ever has.He didn't want to fix me,he touched the parts of me that were sick and embraced them like it was okay to have scars.So after a year and three months,i finally accept that love has got nothing to do with body size,body weight,face,beauty,love,money,pizza or shopping.Love isn't in this things it never has been.Be with someone who makes your heart stutter or beat without a rhythm.