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    I go about life with a lot of optimism and often people ask me about how all my dreams of a happy and peaceful world will ever come true. How can I alone bring about a change in all humans?
    The answer is, I am not alone. I am one one in thousands of people who try to make the world a bit more beautiful everyday. It all starts with a smile, some kind words. It does not take much to keep people around me happy and so I do everything I can for it. Spreading hope and happiness not only makes the receiving end brighter, but it creates a pleasant ambience for me too. And as I meet new people, this optimism reaches out further.

    If unpleasant, hurtful things spread so easily then I believe that hopeful, happy things would be much easier to spread because people would enjoy doing it.

    So let us try our bit to make people around us happier and pull that dipping sun out of the ocean, to rise in full galore.



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    Some days I watch the sun sink into the ocean and wonder if that is how we humans too will sink into our vices, fast but prettily

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