• fatimaakhtar 23w

    Abecedarian in medicine

    Watching from a distance the excitement of a lady,
    going to give birth to her first baby.
    Nervous but determined, she was ready for the fight,
    Ready for labor like a brave knight.
    Staffs rushed her to the labor room,
    to help the new life out of the mother's protected womb.
    The lady entered and the procedure started,
    She dealt with all the pain lionhearted.
    The delivery was difficult,
    And the lady's condition became more critical.
    She was extensively bleeding,
    But I saw her ecstasy at the baby's screeching.
    Tiny fingers curled, delicate and red like a gallant knight,
    The little life resembled the mother in terms of strength and might.
    Doctors were busy treating the copiously bleeding lady.
    She seemed to be in a trance where she kept on suggesting names for her baby.
    She was a valiant fighter,
    After all she was a mother.
    Her motherly emotions seemed to waver,
    Even the doctors couldn't do her any favor.
    It was all in their hand,
    to save the lady from her final errand.
    The father of the baby burst into tears,
    Life of his wife was the only thing he cared.
    His wails prised me to empathize with him, suddenly he looked so weak, thin and slim.
    He stooped at the doctor's feet dropping himself,
    "Please save my wife doctor", he impelled.
    The sight was not unprecedented
    But surely it gave me an insight, of what the world from the doctors expected.