• taner26 9w


    This dream is eating me alive,
    Can't you see I'm burning up inside.
    I pray I will not be denied,
    But into many little pieces I m broken from inside.
    When I wake up early in the morning,
    I sit in the cornor of my room and continuously crying.
    I try hard to hold my tears,
    But fear of losing I can't bear.
    I know there is no way to recover from this fall,
    But still I want to fix them all.
    I always used to be unloved by my dear one,
    Now I'm deadly begging for being loved by someone.
    I'm scared of life,
    Scared of being ignored by my dear ones,
    Day by day I'm losing trust, faith,love on everyone.
    I'm afraid to kill myself someday,
    I can't handle myself ,my emotions anyway.
    My dear god either fix up everything,
    Or take me with you with my broken wings.