• in_betweens 31w

    And I wonder,
    what colour of hairs I have in your story.
    What is that you think I am afraid of,the most ?
    In short,
    how exactly do you see me?

    Because I hope,
    of all the millions ways possible of doing so,
    you didn't opted the way I chose to.
    You see,
    it is worst one.

    Though I ponder,
    what kind of cape I wear in your dreams,
    or am I the one who always yearns to be saved.
    Do I have walls that you feel safe in,
    or curtains just like your earliest memory of childhood castle?
    Tell me,
    have I ever been your home?

    Or, don't.
    The questions are metaphorical,
    and answers may be marvelously massive.
    Just answer one question and then leave if you wish to.

    How do I end up in your story?
    Do I die,
    or get vanished without a sign ?
    Am I killed,
    or get faded slowly ?

    Does the last scene has you,
    telling some random stranger about our story ?
    Or is it you,
    telling some strange story to me,
    am I the stranger ?

    Solve this riddle for me,
    and I promise I will not question more.
    There will be a chain of them though,
    but I will quench it by my own theories. Just like I always do.
    Questions like,
    what are you going to tell them,if the ears aren't mine?
    Or, who are you talking about,
    if you are talking to me ?
    Who is going to play the victim,
    and what will be the crime ?

    But I am not going to ask you for a stay.
    Staying has eternally been really tiring to you,
    too much.

    Reply and disappear.
    How do I end up,
    in your story?
    Rejoin and fly.
    So that I may know,
    how you end up in mine.....