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    Prince Satanopediaology's bhagvath githa

    MOHINI: I fall under the category of ladies who are extremely beautiful, soft, smooth, silky, sexy and who are adorned for beauty and are symbol of love. Just like MAHALAKSHMI, RATHI, VENUS APHRODITE, We know only to love and lure and if we need to turn like those ladies, I guess it depends upon circumstances.

    SATAN: No, I don't want all this. I guess NARAYAN, Please shun this damsel form and return back to your real form. I beg you.

    MOHINI: It is such a long time I have taken female form and you want me to reject this great experience. I won't come back to my normal form. I love to stay as a beautiful lady and I want to love you because I like you a lot and now you are making me mad.