• jharna 23w

    What is a heartbreak

    Its not just a relationship that ends
    Something within you dies too.
    You have not just lost the person
    You have lost a peice of yourself too
    Because you love so fiercly that you plants your roots in everyone you love and when they go they take a part of you aswell . A part which you will never get back .
    They leave a hole inside you and you feel numb.
    Its the soul that is choked
    The sleep that you lose
    The thundering of heartbeat in yourears when you wake up early in the morning hoping it will pain a little less today.
    You avoid all the love song all the couples but you fail to avoid their memories that keep on replaying in your mind.
    You keep yourself busy , you work harder than before just to avoid that numb feeling but what at night when the mask falls off and cry with your heart out , there is more to heartbreak....