• xtina716 9w


    They writhe and convulse
    Even as the head loses its pulse

    You see a true natural response
    In a creature you deem so repuls-ive...

    Check the reflection
    Stare deep into your own eyes

    No matter how hard you fight it
    You will be surprised

    In our darkest moments
    Even our bodies disconnect

    From our minds
    From our souls

    That we once thought
    We knew every aspect

    Invite the voices in your head
    Asking you for a second look

    Change, becomes reality
    And suddenly you are hooked

    We melt, we mold
    We CAN melt and mold

    Put aside your beliefs
    Let your soul unfold

    You have more in common.
    The same dreams
    The same desires
    As those you once let go