• aditya_ 9w

    I always was fascinated by yellow street lights as a kid, used to wonder whether they have cut the sun in pieces and put them inside the big bulbs. But there were so many lights and the sun was so small, if i cut the sun in 4 pieces it wouldn't be enough for my house, but then I thought that sun is so bright that it hurt to look at it, so a very small piece was enough for a light. Then I concluded that they must have taken sun and grinded it into powder like my mum used to put on my face, they must have taken 1 piece of powder and put it in all the yellow lights of the world, it was a plausible conclusion, a tiny piece would be very less bright and so many pieces were enough for the world. I was in this reverie for around six months, used to smile at the yellow lights whenever I passed them, that smile which shows you know all the secrets someone has to hide, glowing in my own intelligence.

    There was a girl named Afsa who used to go to school with me, Afsa had the prettiest of eyes, like two tiny orbs of light that can take away the darkness from your soul. I just knew that she is pretty to look at, and used to stare at her for hours, it's like someone has crushed moon and put two pieces in her eyes, because her eyes were not yellow, so it couldn't have been sun, they were like moon white with grey orbs, so it must be the moon. One day i told her about this moon and sun theory, and she was like, 'Stupid, if they must have crushed the sun in powder, how come it still is out every day', she had a valid point, i was glad I didn't tell her about her eyes and the moon. Then she said, there must have been another sun, from a factory where they make suns, they must have crushed the other sun into powder and filled it in the street lamps. Her point seemed more plausible and whenever coming back from school i used to search for the sun factory or a moon factory for the fact, so that I could have eyes like hers too and then we will get reflected in each other, being the same, and we will always stay together.

    Children tend to be foolish in a funny way.

    I never wanted to be intelligent.

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