• mahalakshmi7 36w

    My exceptional mom

    My mother
    Is the one who was born in a family which struggled for 2 meals.
    It was not the path of flower petals.
    It was one with bed of thorns....

    In her adulthood,she cooked for whole family
    Instead of attending higher education.
    She started working in order to keep her sisters happy......

    She spent all her days in fields,
    She spent all her nights crying.
    It was not meant for her.
    But she did the job.

    When she lost hope of getting married,
    She married a man
    When she was expecting a baby boy,
    She got me......

    Giving birth to me was difficult for her,
    I was born and She was unconscious.....

    When she was expecting a happy family,
    She lost her husband.

    Instead of caring her,
    She was kept away from the family.
    Instead of staying under a safe shelter,
    She stayed with me in a house made of coconut leaves.......

    She protected me all the seasons, all the way.
    In heavy rainy season, she made me to sleep on her lap.
    But she was all awake to protect me from each raindrop.....

    It was not easy for her to protect herself and her only child,
    But she did THE BEST

    The society challenged her, laughed at her saying "how will you educate your child alone?"
    I'm proud, she educated me,
    She challenged the society
    And proved herself.....

    She is the one
    The strongest woman of my life
    The exception
    My mother