• anglesbyjfk 6w


    I've always said that Social Media doesn't forget. Everything you post, tweet or Retweet will always be remembered on social media forever. This can not be overemphasised. Few days ago, I read a tweet about people getting rejected from job interviews because they are so called "Tacha's Titans". The rejection didn't just happen, someone dislikes Tacha and what she represents enough to go through the interviewees social media history and Boom, a discovery was made. It is now clear that this days, most sponsors, firms, embassies, companies or even prospective schools scrutinise social media platforms before giving their recommendations, reference, support, jobs or admissions to interested parties. You need to be mindful of what you post because it will definitely reflect or give an impression of who you are. I always ask "What would you be remembered for?" But now I ask:
    "How will your impact be felt?"
    "What difference or impact are you making right now?"
    "What decisions are you making to shape your life in the right direction?"
    "What advantage are you taking on social media to network or influence?"