• sarvia_vark 50w


    “You say you love her, but your heart isn’t in it. Is it because your heart is missing? I’ll tell you where you’ll find it. With the women who never knew your care flows, deeper than the ocean. Who never knew that having her in your life, soul, mind would never allow you to let her go. Is she also missing?

    No, she’s standing right in front of you, holding your heart tenderly in her grasp. Looking up at you with the warmth that resides in her soul. Which is warmer than the sun itself. Never have you known such warmth hidden deep within.  How do you give your love to another when your soul beats to the very sound of her voice? You say you love another, when the love you give is meant for another.

    She didn’t give you a chance you say? You should’ve been clear if you had feelings for her. She might’ve opened the door to her heart sooner. You say you aren’t doing it to get her? That you’ve given up the chase? No! You have not, you still seek her door’s opening.

    It’s opening a crack, you have yet to see. Without you knowing she slowly opens the door. She sees you, but you are turned away. She’s not yet ready, you have little time. Quickly turn around! Take your chance, before it slips behind the door you may never be able to open again!”