• alicetheforsaken 10w


    Don't you understand the lies?
    About what is loyal and what defies?
    You don't have this strength to keep falling down.
    Nonetheless me.
    But there's no need to worry.
    You must be in a hurry.
    So am I,sort of as I speak.
    Our departure came undone.
    Well I hope that this was fun, but not for everyone.
    There were words I've never spoke.
    Now they're left burning amongst the smoke.
    And I can't guide you through it.
    You may forget about me.
    Though every corridor I pass is my waking moment.
    One day I'll put them all to sleep,and they'll be out of your reach.
    Left to rot in amber.
    In the heat of our weather.
    Those words can't be put back together.
    Soon our minds will be lost to time.Our stories won't have an end.
    And our love will go with it.Letters never spoken again.