• snow22 9w

    My First Love

    For the times I feel happy,
    For the times I feel sad.
    When I'm on the mend,
    When I'm on the edge.
    Moments when I gain,
    Moments when I lose.
    No matter the weather,
    Stormy or dry,
    I'll always return to my first love.
    Your beats and tunes remind me of all the beauty and colors
    There are and would always be even if all I see is gray.
    Your rhythms and lyrics ignite and set the fire of joy in me ablaze.
    I have no choice but to move,
    I'm spellbound, dancing to your crazy mood swings.

    Whether music was made in love or in a fit of rage,
    Whether music was made hate filled or in a bout of sadness.

    You always light an unquenchable fire.
    Cast your spell on me and take me under,
    I make my emotions yours to wield.