• jr_kollins 5w

    Love isn’t like Covid 19 but rather a vaccine, its a cure
    I moved around with a decapitated heart
    Trying so hard to make things work
    But forgot that true love heals
    Love no longer cares if the heart is broken
    It searches if the heart is willing to start all over
    Why hold on to the old love
    When there is a new beginning
    A new love, a new heart
    Wipe your tears
    Let love heal your heart
    Ask Arrey what love is
    For her love doesn’t stay in the past

    Poverty is a word that limits the mind
    We think the outfits the banquets
    Are what makes us rich
    We keep forgetting
    Knowledge is wealth.
    Sell all your belongings and follow me
    So a wise man told the rich
    For riches without wisdom is poverty.
    Do not worry about what to eat
    When the words you chew and spit
    Amaze the richly poor, and they can do nothing but to clap and sit.
    The rich have sleepless nights
    Working hard to reach higher heights
    Though rich still die in debts
    Its a new beginning, so change your mind set
    And break free from being money’s pet.

    Can you hear the birds sing?
    The war songs, sing no more
    The mourners mourn no more
    The night has become day
    Finally, light at the end of the tunnel
    A new beginning for you and me
    We stayed to long in our cocoon
    Now look as us
    Beautiful as ever.
    We suck nectar and we spread our winds
    Forgetting we crawled and ate leaves.

    Am not asking you to run to God
    But rather allow him come to you
    For Saul did not search for God
    But God search for Paul
    His hands are itching to rescue his faithful
    He only asks for you to be grateful
    He is the Lord your God who created the earth
    He knew you might start thinking low of him so he made you from dirt
    Its a new beginning so why not accept the changes
    There is no battery in the mind you question him with
    So guess who is making it work
    He made the earth perfect, we all are making it worse.
    Let your heart heal.
    Maybe you find joy on these stages,
    But without God, you heart will forever be empty.

    For though we cried, and some of us died
    With God, the future still holds something bright
    We are molting, slowly becoming a better version of ourselves