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    //ignore the caption, I am finding a trend as usual nothing surprising for me, if you discern it is well and good else enjoy the post, at the end of the day Hypocrisy wins//.
    I wrote my transition from All boys school to a co-ed one (I won't post here *secrets there*), this one for me was the one heck of a transformation. That changed my thinking before that females that I saw were my mother and sisters and I had humongous respect for females in general and not a diverse spectrum of understanding though *coughs* but it narrowed down in 2 years.
    Due to this one girl who was trying to nudge me and I realised that girls (that I knew in my section ) had some unknown virus in them that kept them difficult to fathom. She was equally competent as me luckily she was the heart throb of the rest of boys (because she was cute, sweet but she was extremely clever not a bimbo) who were literally dog to them, yeah I used the word 'dog' because it was in our "bro-code" back them. One of the main points of "bro-code" is never be a dog because that some guys stoop to that extreme level and I don't want to judge a girl just because who am I to judge ? It said a man knows a man.
    This pseudo feminist narratives are all part of a conspiracy and sadly most women are so gullible that they fall into this trap, the real empowerment that a women can achieve is through education.

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