• eclairer_thoughts 23w


    We're filled with Faithlessness

    When He said I'm Here
    We lost our Faith
    When He said Child hold it for little more Longer
    We lost our Hope
    When He said follow me I'll lead to the Light
    We declared that our lives to be in hell
    When He said "Whoever believes in me may not remain in Darkness"
    We believed one Stranger and Remained in Darkness
    We can't Hear Him, We can't Feel Him, We have not Seen him Transfiguration....
    But the Fact is We have
    It's when you see Transforming Radianc on the Faces of Others
    It's just...
    From inside we're faithless, hopeless, suffering, sinners
    We always Ignore the Presence of his Love in our Lives
    And we blame him for our Present..
    Without Knowing He's fighting for us Everyday..
    And is Preparing us for the Battle that we have to fight Alone.
    We're Filled with Faithlessness.