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    It was all cold, cloudy and shaded with smoke. A very unlucky, winter morning, i hope i could say that. A new place, to resonate amd carve yourself in front of, everyone. All these things, were my intentions but my spirit was hinding in a black hole. My mind was distracted, and so was my heart. The place was not worth of adjusting, my soal screams. However, there was nothing much to do about this eccumberance. I want to escape and fly, but fate must be having something different to do. I met someone, but not just a someone, someone. Actually, the onlyone. Everything was worth it then, the place, the fight, the laughter, pranks all of it, now valued. It was not long when emotions started arising, i knew it will break us, but i just can't. I can't. We were different, but same as well. However, I knew him way to good and his dictionary as well. Where comitment was not the word, I can look after. The day came when, he said something my ears were dying to hear for so long. It was bizarre, and a sunlight on happily ever after. I thought he changed, for me. Maybe, heart is stupid. I fall for it. In his trap, of emotions. I sweated, screamed, cried, sobbed and choked, Inside. I found him, with someone, i don't know. Never we crossed paths, again. It was just like a one night stand, one day of happiness. I was always sanguine, but now it all looks decomposed. Stiil, after so long, he is a king, a zenith, and a part of my unlucky heart. I want to regret that unlucky winter morning, but still, i can't.

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    He is a king, a zenith, and a part of my unlucky heart.