• ankitachatterjee_ 22w


    She has been a rival all through her life,
    Fighting her way out like a nagging wife,
    She abuses and swore, yell and scream,
    And when she speaks, her words are as piercing as a butcher’s knife.
    Her parents, old and helpless, confused and worried,
    Plotted to rid her off soon or get her married.
    But, she realized their secret scheme and plan,
    And identified the hapless and ruthless man.
    He was chosen to become her future guardian,
    A strict warden or a boring chaperone.
    So, she took the ultimate step before her wedding day,
    As she preferred to struggle alone than tearfully stay,
    And unwillingly drive her dreams away.
    Five years she traveled from one place to the other,
    Ignoring the sad images of her crying mother,
    She struggled and suffered, fought and shuddered,
    Yet she was determined not to give in to the pleas of her father.
    After spending days in utter sadness and misery,
    Torn by the endless hunger, quenching thirst and sheer poverty,
    She finally came to terms with her impending tragedy.
    She journeyed back along the tedious road,
    To meet her parents and restore the bond,
    And finally, rest down in her heavenly abode.