• steffy_mary_t 10w


    There is something crazy about life;
    which we all forget to realise..
    When oppurtunities knocks at our doors,
    we sit & weep for what we lost..
    What's the use on clinging onto what is gone?
    when life has to move on..
    If things were meant to be the same,
    then you could have been as you were born..
    Life is full of growth,
    and you have to cognize this truth..
    You sow the seeds in you and you gain
    if you forget to know you, then everything goes in vain...
    When you respect what is given to you,
    life enthrones you with the most esteemed..
    Your motivation comes from you,
    and the confidence rises in you..
    So, its always better to face the challenge,
    than to let go coz its strange..
    "Remember, the best things comes from when you take the most scariest path,
    and that rewards your footmarks to be marked as worth..."