• dhimma 9w

    Dying inside to save beings in the world.
    My wings torn and hands crushed.
    Looking far and near to extricate the world.
    Pins and bullets words were silently hurled at me.
    The despondency in my heart grew more.
    Ignorance! I concluded
    Striving to save them was more fussed in my heart.
    A coffin and a six feet under awaited; well prepared by them.
    Now I try to stop the beings in the world with my left hand to not send me to my creator and the other hand to stop the hell demons from devouring the beings in the world
    Trampled under the feet of helplessness.
    I realized Saving All Beings is a mere Fantasy; because not every being in the world can be Saved.

    #GlobalCitizen #World #HumanBeings #Save #mirakeewriters #aspiringwriter #DeepThoughts #Bliss

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