• thinkinksoul_anmol075 11w

    Child sexual abuse

    Do you know that most of the abusers in cases of child sexual abuse are family members, relatives and acquaintances?
    We are all under a lockdown. I can’t even imagine what most children, who are victims of sexual and physical abuse, are going through every day under this lockdown. 
    Under normal circumstances, it isn’t considered safe for the abused child to stay at home as it might lead to further abuse. But, the lockdown has made it far more difficult. 
    The support networks have broken down. The children do not know what to do and suffer silently. 
    The incidents have already seen an increase and if we do nothing, they will keep on increasing. 
    We cannot let this happen. 
    Most of the children inside their homes do not even know how to ask for help. They are not even aware that the child helpline number is 1098, leave alone how to protect themselves!
    No one believes them, and so we need to step up and do something now. 
    The need of the hour is to ensure that the children suffering from violence and abuse, which is inflicted upon them by their own family members/relatives/care takers, are at least aware of the helpline number. 
    The only way we can do it by ensuring that the information about 1098 reaches EVERY CHILD