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    Check the picture beforehand.

    She stared at him unbelievingly as she saw a glimpse of his figure in the park one day at sunset.
    She was shocked and started to approach him slowly, scared of facing him; confronting him; finally letting anger out.
    As she stepped near, he walked away; she thought he might be running from her just like before.
    But then he stopped so she grabbed his shoulder and looked at him right in the eye.
    The eye gaze went for too long that it felt like forever; he was mesmerized, transfixed.
    He couldn't say a word for he couldn't believe it was her after 10 years.
    They were just kids when they met in their 20s and fell in love.
    They swore against the world forever and felt destined to get married.
    All was set: the wedding; the attendees, the priest; the bride.
    But the groom was not ready; destiny had other plans.
    She awaited him; an hour after another denying heartbreak.
    He never came, apologized, nor explained what happened.
    And today was their first meeting afterwards.
    For ten years she locked frustration.
    For ten years, said nothing.
    No therapy helping.
    No medications.

    (Maybe there should be a part 2) ��
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