• sehrish_rafeeq 18w

    O You !
    I searched for Thee
    everywhere ,
    But I couldn't !
    What is it , I
    Should have done ,
    And didn't ?

    O You !
    Already in this world , I am .
    I don't belong here ,
    Take me along to
    Your way !
    It's been hard here !
    And I am tired now !

    O You !
    Unlid this coffin ,
    Make me free !
    It's been dark here ,
    Shut those eyes of mine .
    Bless my ordinary sight with Thine Light !
    Won't Thy unveil Yourself then ?

    O You !
    Help me find the way to flee !
    And it's still You that is desired !
    I am weakened now .
    Won't you provide me feast of Your
    appearance !
    And I swear I'll ask for nothing more !


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    O You !