• papyrii_king_96 6w

    I've Seen Your Essence

    I've seen your essence.
    I've never seen such an emanation.
    Cut from the universe it moved deliberately,
    With elegance,
    And with the processions of the constellations.
    I've been looking to the skies for signs of something sacred,
    Anticipating what I began to believe was a fleeting illusion,
    I saw you naked.
    Until I saw you as a spiritual being.
    I've ve seen your essence and yes,
    It was amazing.
    It brushed against me possessing the power of transformation,
    Stimulating within me a stirring of the somethings we refer to as emotions.
    I've seen your essence,
    She came accompanied with a fragrance,
    One I imagined to be found on the altar of a devotee.
    Began a mystical conversation about the secrets of our universe.
    The longer we spoke,
    It seemed for you I thirst .
    Essence swayed back and forth before my eyes like a cobra...,
    She then struck,
    And I was left paralyzed.
    Your potion took its route.
    You slipped into my mouth,
    I could find nothing to say,
    Four you clung to my tongue and simply rode the waves.
    Essence and I,
    Made ripples throughout existence,
    Throughout time,
    Throughout space.
    I've Seen Your essence,
    Some say I am a slave to a dream,
    But it is your essence which lives in my bloodstream,
    Lingering like a toxin,
    The pleasure,
    The pain I feel often.
    I've seen your essence...,
    Only your presence will end the longing.