• bushra_sayed 15w

    Quran 28 :7-13
    " Mother of Musa "

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    We shall Return him to you

    In the lap of Nile
    She submits her piece of blood
    The one and beloved
    Concealing a life she let him go
    In the waters guided with flow
    A shaken accord filled the heart
    With the grief and deplore in her cart
    The sealed secrets of her motherhood
    Dripped out of the brimmed mood
    Grieve not ! Oh mother !
    The cause is destined to recover
    Her heart is emptied from sorrow
    And firmed to decreed morrow

    Which plea is futile
    The huge was the cause for pain
    Small became the excuse to attain
    The baby cried for a drop of milk
    To only suckle from a lady of ilk
    How blood calls for blood
    Declared without a word
    A mother's secret was veiled
    In the ultimate wisdom that unveiled
    She nurture him for the worlds
    Her baby in her arms she curls
    The loop of Nile flowed to her
    For the God's plan to occur