• raghavendran 5w

    A Night of Disappointment

    A Night of Disappointment

    The poem is about the lament of a newly-wed bride expressing her disappointment after a long wait for the husband who is enamoured more with alcohol than his young wife who is eagerly waiting for a few moments of conjugal bliss.

    The young woman waits for her husband whom she loves to the core.   On the day in question, she waits, with burning and unfulfilled desire, from morn till night. She had been waiting for a pleasant night together, but her hopes get dashed when he returns at an hour when his wife had lost all energy and interest.   Without even noticing the waiting wife, he falls on the bed while the disappointed wife sleeps alone cursing her lot with a booze addict.

    I had waited all day long
    With passion growing strong,
    Like wives waiting for their men
    To return to their arms again.

    Evening sky changed to starry night,
    With the moon shining silvery bright;
    The city was edging towards slumber
    And footfalls grew fewer in number.

    Every step that sounded close
    I thought would drive away my woes
    But my hopes soon melted away;
    When the sounding steps didn’t at my doorstep stay.

    Tired and weary with the long wait,
    My eyes were anything but bright;
    The burning coal of hot desire
    Had turned to embers entire.

    Then came the lazy sound
    Of feet scraping the ground,
    Followed by the lazier knock,
    Then the clicking open of the lock.

    In came the man I immensely loved,
    Staggering and cursing aloud,
    Whom or for what, I knew not,
    But he was flushed and hot.

    With flaming red eyes
    And whooshing volcanic sighs,
    Closer and closer he moved
    Like a pregnant animal hooved.

    Swaying on his unsteady legs,
    Having had too many pegs,
    He stumbled and fell on the bed
    And looked for all purposes dead.

    Thus ended my eager wait,
    I slept alone that blighted night,
    While the one I dearly loved
    Slept sprawled, snoring loud.

    Raghav R