• _sonia_ 5w

    I m not broken

    Fallin' 4 uh
    More and more every day
    Every day and every long dark sway
    The very best way to find out the key
    To open up ur heart
    To make me again together
    By loving u more and more

    Convincin' 4 me,again and again when u are sad
    To make u happy because of me
    Every time I wish u to see
    The very great waves of love in ur heart like sea
    To open up ur mind to always accept me
    By loving u more and more

    Livin' 4 uh
    Each and every moment of my life
    irritating u 4 being irritated
    To make me happy bcz of ur irritation
    The very nyc sadness behind that love
    In ur heart which I alwz want to extract
    By loving u more and more

    I love uh thee
    like buzzing bee
    On a flower for honey