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    I wanted to stop short on that lane you know! But these feet simply kept on going. It was too hard for me to look through that darkness. Oh no, no, not for the reason that you think.
    Over the time these eyes have become too much apt to look at changes and gazing at anything familiar is now simply agonizing. It all started when they got a clearer picture as to what I was holding on to for this long. It were people always that brought pain. Memories always tend to take you up to their own happy place. I guess that is only because they are a glimpse of what is already done and dusted. But alas! With people that is not true. People are way too different than memory. They change every moment with situation and with time. You see, they are meant to change, rather I must say human nature is to change (and trust me if they do not do so than you yourself would feel like changing!). Now the point here is when we hold on to something unchanging then it is all well and good, but vice-versa brings with itself lots and lots of emotion, expectations, experiences, actions along with necessary (not really) reactions. And that only means that we start hindering our own growth.
    Now that you have seen this bigger picture, let's get back onto the lane, shall we??
    That lane is not just a memory. It is a blueprint of my old self. The old me that held onto to everything in life till it literally jumped off the train causing pain to both the train and the traveller. It was a long shot to change the tracks. Took a bit of time but turned out well.
    And now I can't walk down that lane anymore. Because now each day I change for a better me.

    Have you got any lane like that?? A lane to never walk on again!


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    Have you got any lane like that??
    A lane to never walk on again!