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    Part 4 of the story... ����
    For all parts go to #notsome_unknownknown

    Another attempt on multiple part series....
    Do give your reviews how you feel about it...
    Reviews and suggestions are most welcome....

    The last part of the story
    Hope you all enjoyed reading the story of two unknown persons, one incident changed everything and how their life took a different turn all together... But from unknown, the became those two who knew each other the most... ������

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    PART - 4

    I'm Not Her, She was Not Me

    Swati comes back,
    (She sees that Sameer is sitting on the chair in the balcony, she just goes and sits beside him. She stays quiet and keeps her hand on his hand)
    Sameer looks at her, While, she is looking at the sunset
    " I am not her Sameer, I cannot be her, I'm different, she is different. I don't want you to erase her memories to love me, that is not possible. This can never happen Sameer, NEVER " Swati stopped as she tried to control her tears.
    Sameer just looked at her in astonishment
    "Swati !!", Sameer says but Swati stops him
    " I can't take her place Sameer, I don't want to take her place, I don't know what happened between you both. And I don't want to ask you any further, All I want is you to know and understand that I'm different and you have to accept it. I know you have some beautiful memories with her, you can't forget it, but you need to accept the fact that It's me who is your present not her. She has all the right to stay in your memory, and you don't have to put me at her place or remove her in order to sense my presence in your life. You will only get disappointed if you do that. I'm not her, you should know this", swati said as she turned her head towards Sameer, he was crying, she looked at him with tears in her eyes.
    Sameer hugged her tight and began crying. She reciprocated the same.
    They both cried their heart out
    "We will not talk on this again", Swati said as she stood up to go back to the room
    "Where are you going", Sameer asked her as he tried to stop her by holding her hand
    She smiled and went inside, Sameer followed her
    "I'm keeping this where it was kept, hidden ", Swati said as she took the box in her hand, she smiled as she looked at him
    Sameer took the box from her hand.
    "No, it was in the wrong place, this is my past. This doesn't belong here", he said
    He went out and threw everything outside
    Swati followed him and saw everything quietly
    "I understood everything Swati, I understood you my wife, I understood myself, I understood us, thank you Swati, thank you so much. I'm grateful to you. I really am. ", Sameer said as he hugged her
    Swati just hugged him tight and smiled.
    "So am I, my dear husband.", She whispered in his ears