• arvarion 5w


    most of the time we want to be understood
    but maybe we should try and understand them

    that girl that laughs at your playlist
    and laughs that it’s so depressing
    really is that one follower
    going through every song
    and listening out for herself
    between the beats between the notes

    that guy that jokes about your face
    and tells you to look in the mirror
    has high definition photos of you
    locked away in his mind
    wondering why he doesn’t look
    like ken and barbie

    that lady who looks at your clothes in disdain
    the one who mutters “kids these days”
    longs to be you again
    longs to be young again
    and bleach her hair two colours
    and wear those ripped jeans
    and get an angel tattoo on her neck

    the cashier that eyes your stomach
    tells you you’re fluffy and fat
    just can’t suck in his belly any longer
    can’t starve anymore
    can’t look at himself anymore

    the man that calls you names
    from across the street
    screaming slurs and insults
    is just hurling back whatever was thrown at him
    is just trying to live too

    humans are complicated
    but if only they were this simple