• mikolynn 9w

    Its me

    I hope one day you will look my way or maybe one day run into me. Honestly I don't expect you to recognize me. I'm not the person I used to be. The women that stole years of my life. . She made promises she didn't keep. She fell hard & very deep. She cost me more than silver & gold you see. She hurt alot of people that love me. My 3 children won't even speak to me. She ripped my life from underneath me why couldn't I see. It took far too long for me to find the courage to just simply face ME. I put her in her place you see. I have 5 rounds so let her say one word to me. That woman doesn't mean a single thing to me. I am blessed I barely escaped with my life. I am strong all I had to do was find ME, love ME, listen to ME, believe in ME. But most of all treasure ME.