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    This is something every Indian Girl still faces. You made her work. If she says she wants to do job, you tell her to be a super woman and handle both home and work. Great?
    No! I don't want to be a super woman!
    I am a human! Not a robot!
    I am the part of the nature. Aren't those goddesses female too?
    Laxmi you pray. But the Laxmi of your house can't prepare anything for the deity... The goddesses! Wow!
    Isn't that irony?
    The still, statue... Is the one needs to be praised... But not the one who loves you, is alive standing in front of you!

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    The Untouched Chokes

    She touched everything everyday.
    She feel the change, those monthly traditions uprooting.
    But still
    Still they pray those goddesses
    Without her.
    She is untouched.
    Soo untouched that
    Even if by mistake 'he' touches her
    She gets shaken like anything from inside.
    She says nothing.
    She loves equality and justice.
    But still she is polluted.
    Because as they say,
    "That power made you 'girl'. "

    You need blessings from those goddesses.
    But their blessing, that girl.
    That girl cannot touch anything for that goddesses.
    Because she is a girl
    And the nature made her suffer
    Every month...
    She is polluted.

    -by Ritika~©