• ___smart__swag___officio 23w


    I peeped over her shroud,
    Her eyes half closed:-
    Cold and still.
    Her lips slightly parted,
    As if to wisper," I still love you."
    Her face blood smeared had a mysterious still look.
    Kissing her parted lips, I replied, "me too.";
    In return SILENCE was her answer.
    I think she is still looking at me,
    Waiting for me
    Till then silence takes my better half.
    Numb would be my decisions;
    without her,
    Senseless would be my judgements;
    without her,
    Worthless would be my connection to the outside world;
    Coz my life revolves around her.
    My life was silenced forever:
    With the silence of her mortal flesh!
    I wish this deafening silence ends,