• chocolate_cream_wordsmith 47w

    Mu(se si)ck.

    Without those songs
    Without that melody
    Without the chords that chained
    My mind
    Without those words that changed
    My life...

    I'm lost
    Tiptoeing around a cliff
    Suicide whispering seductively
    Begging me to jump
    Without the music
    I jumped.

    But the lyrics choked the
    And Shhhhhh.. im quiet as I listen
    To do re mi
    Changing me
    Giving me
    The beauty that exists beyond this
    Lost lost world.

    The music was my escape.
    Took my pains to somewhere
    Somewhere I will never find.
    Whole, it made me
    Heaven, it gave me
    Peace it saved me
    Now my heart is calm as the song
    Beats on...
    Music laid my tears in a casket...
    It went six feet deep and brought me flowers
    In a basket.